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Souls - Simplicity

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I sneak into your room
And steal your favorite tie
Cause I'm a jealous bitch
You don't want me in your way
But your name is mine anyhow anyway

I break into your house and sleep
Between you and your wife
Cause I'm a nervous wreck
I pinch you hard so
You can't fall asleep

What I want? something real
What I need simplicity
I want you back in my life today
Figure me dress me up
Look at me all messed up
Please come back was life too
Simple here with me?

You know when I'm wrong
When I am being false
I'm your tiny paper doll
If you touch me I'll stop hurting you

Itch on your skin
I will haunt you in your dreams
'Till you stop denying me
Look at me all dressed up
Figure me all messed up
Is it me or is it you,
Yourself you see?
Look at me all dressed up
Figure me all messed up

Figure me!
Dress me up!
Look at me!
Mess me up!
Wish me luck!
Carry me!


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