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Listen To Your Heart

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You never listen, baby
We were both together, naturally
I was lovin' you baby, you were lovin' me
Every word I said
Every word is true
I was on the inside, but he was lovin' you

Oh, oh, listen to your heart
You never listen, baby
I didn't wanna see it
You felt so good
I didn't wanna know girl, this love's misunderstood
One more day, won't make it right
Still I lie in your darkness defenseless tonight
Oh, oh

(Never) No, there's something here
Won't last very long
(Never) No, we're goin' down
For the last time, listen baby
Listen, baby, listen

I still remember when
Our love was tender then
Love was an open door
No time to wonder
I'm goin' under, listen to your heart

(Never) No, there's something here
Wouldn't last very long
(Never) No
We're goin' down for the last time
(Never) Never
One promise broken
Too soon and too late
(Never) No
We're goin' down for the last time
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