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Yo, For All The fucken Niggaz Who Bought This fucken Album, Its Sticky Fingaz Nigga, Straght up, Yeah Fuck You, I dedicate This motherfucken Album to my motherfucken nigga, my mentor, my brother, The Nigga That Fucken Put Me On, Jam Master Jay nigga, Love You Motherfucker, That Nigga Jay Lives On, All My Blessings, ???, Im not gonna fucken mourn his death, i'm gonna celebrate his motherfucken LIFE!! They Take all our fucken heroes from us man, everybody, pun.pac.biggie.lisa.aaliyah Jus Fuckem! i just cant belive this shit, its fucken crazy! yo i gotta chil, yo FUCK!, aiight i gotta fucken chill man, DAMN!, Its just fucked, talkin about the motherfucken past man, it just fucken brings me into the fucken present man, nd i seewhat i gotta do, i see what THE FUCK WE GOTTA DO!, for da future! fuck death! can suck me, i swear to god on my fucken life man, before i die.......... Im'a build a fucken empire, we gon call that shit O.P.M, Other Peoples Money! , in the name of all my dead motherfucken soldiers, They'll Still Live! Goin for the damned nigga, DE UNTOUCHABLES NUGGUH....
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