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The House Of Usher

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The House of Usher is a dark and evil place
A curse lies on the Usher race

My friend he called me in despair
In the autumn of this year
And a feeling I could not declare
Sneaked up to me was it fear
For this reason I searched for their place
The park looked dark and dead
But the door it opened and I saw his face
And I had never seen someone like that

The house of usher...

What is wrong I asked him frightened
He answered tortured slow
Since three years something holds me tighten
To this place and never let me go
The house of usher...

My friend was mad you likely think
But for sure it wasn't so
Since two years his sister's on the brink
Of her grave and she must go
My friend's condition was getting worse
When we found her dead in her room
What we didn't know we fulfilled the curse
When we put her living in the thumb

The house of usher...
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