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Your time has come
So get ready for the journey
Take leave of home and sun
Out of the blue
The ferryman is calling for you

He meets you, he leads you
To the gates of eternal domicile
Believe it, receive it, a cut
Of the scythe hurts just a while

The city is reaching for you
Just like a bolt from the blue
The new dawn is still wet with dew

Eternia is calling out of the night
Eternia is calling

Stand up and fly
To the borderland of truth
Reality and lie
Never look back, soon the time
Will wipe away your track

No ashes to ashes
Leave this empty body far behind
No sorrow - tomorrow don't need
To have the future on your mind

You need no silver, no gold
Whether you're young or quite old
Forget what the wise men have told

Eternia is calling...
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