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Stronger Than Heaven

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Mandrakes, three black feathers
Dried up toads and rats
Spiders, human leather
Eyes and wings of bats

It's been a long way
But now you are here
We wish you welcome, never fear
Glowing cauldrons
Burning hot haze
Turning the atmosphere into a maze

When the night is falling
When the parson locks the door
When the shadow's calling
Our force is growing more and more

Stronger than heaven
Meet the witch
When the night is young
Stronger than heaven
No chance to run
Stronger than heaven
Face the fire
Of the black cat's eye
Stronger than heaven
We'll burn the sky

One sip of potion
Makes you able to see
The realms of everlasting
Black Mystery
Sweet decoction, hotter than hell
Your throath's still burning
You're under my spell

Move a little closer
Let me touch your feverish skin
Move a little closer
Feel the fire, taste the sin

Stronger than heaven...
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