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Welcome To Bedlam

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Don't be afraid, when we're knocking at your door
Don't need to ask, what the irons may be for

Why do you hesitate, come on and don't be late
We'll be no longer patient
You really got the choice, just between chains or toys
So be a pleasant patient--now
Aunts and uncles dressed in white
They all like to wish you

Welcome--Welcome to Bedlam
Make yourself at home, you're at home

Nice how the grated moon shines in your padded room
The outer world's so malice
Drugs will improve your dreams, laughter will drown your screams
You got a serious illness--now
Hot injections in your veins
We insure that you are

Welcome--Welcome to Bedlam

Everyone wants your best, lie down and take a rest
Forget the pain and sorrow
Everyone wants your best, all your kin do attest
Your mind is full of shadows--now
Mental disease, insanity
We all like to wish you

Welcome--Welcome to Bedlam . . .
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