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See the Hobbits, all holed up inside
A cave in the darkness but yet a wonderful view
And they never had a feeling of evil so shrewed
His Black Darkness upon his black steed
He's searching and seeking for those who try to hide
They can feel it, they don't understand
Black knight, flee from our side
Dark rider of night, you're not alive
Ride on back to nameless land
Theja - he's in a trance
Theja - the ring you have got
Theja - does not belong to you
He knows it too!
Now the Hobbits, they are holding breath
So their dark enemy stood in the air that they breath
But the sun still shines, there was light
And he could not see
He's paralyzed pulling inside
It was the ring he must try
The ring was smithed from X?nteur, the darkest evil
of all free lands. Long did he believe that the ring was
lost in all eternity. But soon he found out, that
somehow it would survive the ages. So he sent out his
most horrible slaves to seek the ring - the Ringspirits
Distant crying was a warning
Another far sound and the darkness rode quickly away
With the one ring sparkling in his hand
Oh, lucky day!
Theja - the ring with eternal might
Theja - from the night
Theja - evil through and through
It will get you
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