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There's a young world standing
Strong in the tide
With vision not blinding yet
Anger just one chance that we get
In the rain
Although the blood on the nighsticks'
New mark is made
The terror evaporate
In the rain
Coming down on a new day
Dust to dust
A violation of trust justice
That maybe somebody someday will understand
We didn't live and die in vain
The voices of the people will come down
Like rain
And though the blood on the nighsticks
It's never too late
The streets are burning bright in light
Of the flames of the flames
New suns for a new day
Broken faces
Plastic nerves
Selling the passion
To rot in the suburbs
Plastic faces
Broken nerves
Selling the passion
We rot in the suburbs
The world's in traction
Do all our shots miss?
From action to fashion we rot in the office
The world's in traction
All our shots miss
From action to fashion we rot in the office rot in the office
Well the world's in traction
From action to fashion
But we're not gonna rot building Babylon
With our life and death
We spit and run
One voice one breath
We spit and run.
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