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Song Of The Graves

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"Shades`ll grow stronger"
a dark voice calls
out of the past

Minds too weak
to with stand
to divide higher thoughts
from barren lies

Here I stand on the plain
while dark forces gather around me
hear the lament of the corvine goddess
a sullen croon of my destiny

The air resounds
a song of doom
all is lost
only cairns will last
Oh they`ll remain
as a mute testemony
to the valor of men
who proudly defied the will of fate
led by a vision to a bitter end

Come on - you creatures
of war and hate
leader of the weak
taste the steel of my blade
Stouthearted I stand
face to face with the darker side of mine
well aware of my decline

[M y r d d i n:]
So here the story ends
with trembly letters
On this fateful script
the kings herald brought to me
Misery is a child of bliss
and so the circles close
to finally vanish into a
haze of mystery

All this I witnessed
and even more
as time passed by
I saw the sons of romolns fall
the one god rise
and coldness survive

(A secret The Grave Of Arthur)
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