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How do you feel lying on the ground?
I have come here just to strike you down
Of all the prospects it is you I've found
I hate to say this but there'll be no second round

Get in on, put all the shit on me
Trying your best to make me look so bad
I hate me, and you hate that
Sorry if I made you feel sad
It is out, all the shit's on me
Trying my best to make a fool of myself
I hate that and you hate me Funny how we still get by

Of all the people I could choose hate from
I chose the ones that had me lifted off the ground

Can you see or must you be shown
What I am about and all that I do stand for
I don't see what you see
Sorry if I'm making you mad
This is all a part of me
Do you think that I'm all proud of myself?
It's for free, take it out on me
Don't believe we ever got by

Do we get by?
This is goodbye

More, give all that you've got
More, said more, is that all that you've got, more

Of all the prospects it is you I've found
So hate me all you want but I am gone

Hurting bad, you hunt me down
Trying you best to make me hurt like you do
You hate me and I like that
Sorry if you think you look bad
So give me now all you've got
Trying your best to end my life the hard way
You give up, I beg for more
Funny how we ever got by
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