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Up Your Speed Ft Pyrelli

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Bristol, up your speed, Manchester, up your speed,
Milton Keynes, up your speed, London, change gear
Birmingham, up your speed, Nottingham, up your speed
Please d-d-d-d-don't kill anybody

Verse 1

I'm reaching for me target and im keeping to me target
But dont get in me way or u'll end up being the target
Come on tell me the truth u're feeling this aren't ya
Im the speed, if ya wanna keep up with me,
im quick, call me Speedy Gonzalez
Even tho' the cameras flash we speeding regardless
Cuz i love the rush like an addict on drugs who needs it to calm him
So if you love the rush like i love the rush
then u better keep up with the fastest
Or you might lose your girl when i strip her like im feeling the lagers


Got a call from a freak i know, she said sway come over theres nobody home
Uped my speed, got to her house, only to find out there was nobody home
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