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Draco Malfoy

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Draco Malfoy
You've been a very bad boy
a death eater at sixteen
And now you make the girls scream

Draco Malfoy
You know you make me hot boy
I want you to deflower me
Like Lavender or Pansy

Draco Malfoy
You could be my boy toy
Play you like exploding snap
If I can get down on your lap

I love the way you talk
With your sexy British drawl
I love the way you make
Your little house elves crawl
I love your grey eyes
And your white-blonde hair
I love the way you act
Like you just don't care
Follow me up
to the astronomy tower
After we're done
you might need a cold shower
You're the hottest boy
in Slytherin
You make me go wild
With your come hither grin
There are things I want to do
But I'm afraid it's a sin
Let's play quidditch naked
And I'll even let you win

Draco Malfoy
There's no need to be so coy
Sadly only Merlin knows
What you've got beneath your clothes

Draco Malfoy
Don't be such a killjoy
Why you acting like you're shy
I know you're not a modest guy

Draco Malfoy
You're bad when you're a good boy
You snitched about some dragon eggs
But can I get between your legs?

Draco Malfoy
You've been a very sad boy
You couldn't kill off Dumbledore
Still I want you even more

Like the patronus charm
I'll be your protection
Just as long
as you give me affection
You're so smart
People call you a genius
I'll show you mine
If you show me your
Dark mark
On your left arm
I'll keep it a secret
Like a fidelius charm
although you can't
catch the snitch
You can't deny
You're filthy rich
So long as you let me scratch that itch
I'll be your most devoted witch

Draco Malfoy
You've been a rather foul boy
There ain't no one you wouldn't hex
And that makes me just want your sex


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