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The end gets near
Fear controls your soul
Hell opens door
And from there riders roll
Defenders fell
Weapons have not the room
Fighters of darkness
Change all into doom.
Foemen are sleeping
When salvation reveals
Mythic hosts here
Hold a strenght made of steel.
Bravery breaks
Number at battlefield
Kingoms redeem
Wounds of fate will be healed.
From lost wars
Sears cover our soul
From sheding tears
Time can't wipe this fault
All along dead revives
For century of blame
Burdens tie us down
For ancestor's reamin
All the kings uncrowned
Glow like a fire in the heart.
Hosts from kingdom of lion
Their fight will never end
Veil of twilight,
Magic might
From nails of days prevent
Hosts from kingdom of lion
In hardest while arise
Thousand lines
Of noble knights
Revenge our sacrifice
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