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Communion And The Oracle

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All we know, now has come undone
Balance lost between the Moon and Sun
Hear out prayers - Keepers of the Skies
Upon us all - let your wisdom shine

Losing faith as the madness prevails
in us all we are searching for a reason,
a need to calm the storm
In our sails - let your winds be strong

Breathe the air around you
The oceans fill your veins and winds
embrace your heart
Feel the change within you
The Sun and Moon align - The Grand
Design awaits a new start

From the skies, looking down on you
Through the clouds tainted crystal blue
"Such advancement, yet lacking the
so unaware of your earthly roles"

Praise this child and the words of her
A sacred gift - Magic of the Five will
bring you tranquillity
A new order of equality

Five senses come alive - Five reasons
thrive - Five nations unite - Unite as
Night and Day will find a way to keep
the Balance true
Let the Sky and Stars be your guide -
the destination is up to you

Raise our heads up to the Skies
Feel the essence of Time
Changing ways like the shifting tides
In the waves hear the Rhyme

"..unfortunately, not all were interested in the
Ways of Justice, and those of the Night
gathered to plot the elimination of the great
Law of One and the death of Ma'at. The
Atlantens harnessed the energy of the great
Crystals to create a weapon of immense power,
unaware that the power they possessed would
ultimately lead to thier downfall..."
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