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There was a time when we were cradled one on one,
And now I find that all creation is undone,
I'm throwing out all of these thoughts that are not mine,
I'm building up you're coming down I'm losing time

And now I've found some solid ground,
I thought I'd drowned but now I'm found,
And on the lips of life I kiss,
I find I'm here this place of bliss

It's better now you'll find that life is on your side,
And you know of glory days the vibe you cannot hide,
I'm giving you the chance to make it all alright,
Baby come on walk with me I know the futures bright

When you dream of themes that drive you to feel insincere,
Think again you know that all those feelings are just fear,
When you're thrilled by ego hits you think you're on a high,
You should know deep down inside it never satisfies
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