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Now you see you're breaking up again,
Now you see you're slowly going insane,
You don't even know your face or name,
Stand up now we've got to break this chain,

Now do you see the feeling in your eyes,
Do you know the things that make you cry,
There are things that money just wont buy,
Wake up now you got to trust and try,

No I don't advocate god,
And you don't seem to find love, Don't waste time praying,
Get on with finding,

Just as you began to find your way,
I found you there with just bad words to say,
Get out of here you're just a waste of space,
You're on your own it's you and your disgrace,

It's been a long time coming,
But now you've found some loving, Don't throw it all away now,
Don't get on your knees and pray now
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