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What Happened

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Dez niggas robbing me
Pray to God is nothing but a robbery
I gave them all I had
So they pulled they lick off flawlessly
They yelling fussing cussing
But all I hear is heaven calling
Me next thing I know they busting
They leaf me seven and they all in me
on fallen knees help me please death is all I see
If I die memory of a ballin Gee is all I'll be
Never thought I'll be lying in a puddle of blood trying to breath
I don't want to die but something is telling me
It's time to leave say my apologizes
Maybe find a piece of God
Seen my whole life flash before my eyes
And now it's getting dark body temp drop
Going in shock prying out of fear close my eyes
Take my last breath and I'm out here
In my life I smoked a lot of weed
Drunk a lot beer sold a lot of keys
But that shit don't even matter here
Somebody said walk toward the light
But I ain't not ready to go
Am I dead is it over you ain't ready to know

Well now I moving toward the light
And I ain't walling or nothing
I ain't like the shit
Well hell I guess ain't use for me to try to fight
The shit what the business is you God
I been waiting to meet you
And I know I been hearing bout yall
But like the one day I would see you
But why you let dem niggas kill me
you could have done something why you ain't come down there
And shield me when them niggas started dumping
Then he say excuse thy heat
But I control no hate in
And it coming not from me
Well who coming from Satin
Oh Satin did this excuse me lord
But now my shit list and
I know with all this phi shit you got a A-K
Or a piston grip give me a click of angels whip dem thought loose the goal
And get piston whipped a lot of die I ain't scared
Who he think he is fuck with Tip
I got a A-K two 45's bout 50 clip I'm fixto dip
I ain't borrow shit I'm fixto trip
Put a piston grip and loose thy lip
And then he say two wrong doing make it not a right one a last
Well forgiven me cause
I'm bout to ride out on Lufica ass
And all I need you to do is give me
The strength and lord you know I'm need you
With the shit I'm fixto attempt
I'm fix to bust hell wide open fear don't control me
and I'm O.G. hell can't hold me

Now 'Pac and Biggie want ride too
I guess that's cool sense that muthafucker
The reason yall niggas had to die too
My nigga Bankhead had to realize too
Shawty let ride
It's 4serious up here dough
Cause we don't ride we glide
Now I'm strapped and ready folks
But I can't steam to do a thing
With these wings how I'm supposed to keep them steady folks
With a chopper on back of two 44's shawty no
A the pain we fixto bring
I don't thing he even ready for
When it's on you already know
Farewell bro. mama always told me
I was bad enough to tear hell up
IM doing this for what you made of
From that time you made the bitch eat the apple
to the time you pick your folks
To put us on the boat and enslave us
Worker that never paid us
Killed Malcolm X, Martin Luther King
and everybody else tried to come down here us
Killed my father that raised us
Kidnapped us from our country
Take your distance in our religional way
Well now it's time for the cadet to busted
We want our spirits and our minds back now
IM getting mines right now
Pussy nigga lye it down I'm walkin
Thought hell kicking the devil doors down
spreading rounds waving cadet rounds
Well I woke up I was lying down shawty
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