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I'm Hi

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yeah man, I'll smoke with you you know what I'm saying?
I'm saying it ain't nothing you know what I'm saying it ain't shit to me
you know what I'm saying it's just like I don't wanna be getting high 'cause that shit be looking like it be having niggas you know what I'm saying ha ha don't
believe in all that ha ha ha yawp
now man I think it's getting tired though man no joke ferreal
what you got a swisher? or that's a philly or what?
oh that's a swisher OK I mean you know niggas rapping about swishaz and shit don't believe in all that ha ha
cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-chaall hahahaha
you know what I'm saying?
I hit it man roll it
oh you got one?
alright man let me hit that shit

you can KNOCK on my door
but ain't nobody home
I might be there
but I'm gone 'cause I'm stuck off a Zone
I'm Half baked like the Guy on the couch
I don't get high on my grouch
so I puff on my line and be out
I call my roll dogg pick me up
with weed let's hit the road dawg
you blew up with the hood rat
the fuck you break the code for!?
god damn I think that I'm high
too much haze
but I see my ghost pass within the blink of a eye
and my ghetto niggas know how it feel
I smoke more than a building on fire
roll more than the wheel
I get stuck like a car in the mud
and blow my greens out

and call my nigga T pain and ball us some buddz
and choke till I think I'm gonna cry
oh I think I'm gonna die
now dawg I just think that I'm High

shh, see I ain't ever smoke before
so I'm gonna take two hits and I'm gonna blow my mind away
I never thought I'd be getting high today (hey)
now it's on me again
so I take another pull (woooooo)
we in the Cadillac, floating like the ocean
suddenly everything was moving in slow motion

so I take another hit
and try to relax
I'm beating on my chest
CJ beating on my back
somebody help me I think I'm about to die
but I got it
I got it
so I pass the blunt and it came right back to me
but I know this smoke is still running through me
I don't think I'm gonna ever open my eyes
my homegirl said why?
and I said 'cause I'm high
dawg I think that I'm high
dawg I feel like I'm high
I really think that I'm high
please stop by the store 'cause my mouth dry and I done ran out vow
oh them little debbies got me licken my chops but I just want a drink and Newport shawts
in the box maybe swisher king or three I seen fine behinds that want to hang with me longs as I bring the weed I said cool I'm gonna ride on tho 30 minutes
later we was getting high in the room
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