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Sho-Time (Pleasure Thang)

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Whoa-wooo, nooooo
Girl (girl)

You better tie them heels up tight (up tight)
Cause I'ma make you work for it tonight (tonight)
You've been messin with me too long (too long)
Now it's time to come and get the game on, no ohhhh whoa
Cause you've been playin hard to get, now I got you here
Come on girl, yeahhh
Baby tell me what you wanna do (wanna do)
I know exactly what I'm doin to you (doin to you)
All you need is a t-shirt and a thong (c'mon)
And let me turn this camera on, no whoa ohh!
Cause you've been playin too hard to get, now I got you here
Yeah, come on girl
Yeah and I'll be like

Girl I'm tryin to get this pleasure thang poppin
Shit will be stoppin
And you'll be like nooooo!
Girl I know you're nervous
But it ain't no time like showtime
No, it ain't no time like showtime
Come on girl

Baby come and lay down on your back (turn on your back)
Don't look at me like that (like that)
Cause you already knowin what it is (what it is)
You about to see me handle my biz, no-oooh-woo-oooooh
Girl I hoe you ready, you ain't never had it like this
Come on girl, yeah-e-heeee!
You know I ain't fakin so you scared now (scared now)
From the floor to the bed now
You believe everything I said now
Bite that pillow, grab that headboard, put your head down!
Girl you wasn't ready, you can better feel your legs now
And when you feel that thing comin, all you gotta say is


Hey! Girl it's all about that pleasure thang (pleasure thang)
Better put your runnin shoes on
Energizer Bunny, baby I just keep goin and goin and goin all night long
Tryin to make you feel good
Just like you knew I would
And if you ask if I finish what I start
Then all I got to say is

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