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Keep On Keepin' On

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Tried everything I know,
Held my hand but now I've got to show.
Trying to understand the things you've learned,
But you don't seem to be concerned at all.

I'm gonna keep on keepin' on,
Ain't gonna leave you alone,
Keep on keepin' on,
Ain't gonna leave you alone,
Gonna get you to love me.

Sometimes it seems like there's just no way at all,
You just keep drifting and drifting away.
You ain't never home, when I call you on the telephone,
But I'm gonna fool around, get you back someday.


I don't care what everybody's gotta say,
I'm gonna love you anyway,
Even if you don't care any longer,
My little bit of love keeps getting stronger.


Lord I'm gonna, keep on keepin' on.
Gonna, make you mine. Love me...yeah.
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