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Just because she feeds me well
And she made me talk dirty in a pink hotel
Doesn't mean she's got eyes for me
She might just want my bones you see

Hey flathead dont you get mean
She's the second best killer that I ever have seen
They don't come much more sick than you
I could go on if you want me to
It's just so wrong so very nice
And I told you once and you killed me twice
I saw you one time at the back of the club
Chewing on glass and a ticket stub
I heard they kicked the boy 'till he bled
Then stood and said oh my god till she said

Everybody knows you're the one to call
When the girls get ugly round the back of the wall
Josephine says you got a bleedin nose
She's taking it with her wherever she goes

Hey flathead don't check me in
Well hers is a tonic and mine is a gin
They don't come much more slick than you
I'd drive your car if you ask me to
Said the boy's not right in the head
So he stood and got a kickin instead till she said
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