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I say fear me and fear death, too. You can’t keep me on the ground.
Made to suffer, but no longer; this is coming to an end.
It's time for your reign to stop its constant downpour.
Endure this drought that you’ve been bringing on for so long.
Fear me, fear death, fear the life you love.
The light will shine for you no longer.
I’ll banish you back to dark.
For you the light will shine no longer, punk.
I was made for war, I was built for everyone who lacks the means to scream.
To anyone who’s been locked out of their dreams.
Beaten and broken, I will prevail.
The life you hold down is the one you shunned so long ago.
I have fear in one hand and fire in the other.
I’ll end this terror that you’ve started.
Sever the rope that holds my anchor.
I'll watch as you sink.
Now you’ll know what it's like to be left out.
Now you’ll know how it feels to be nothing.
(Because I know how it feels to be nothing)
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