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East Coast

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And I wish we could go to the east coast
And watch the sun rise high
And start again with your hand in mine
Just like our first time
Just like our first time

Did you ever consider the way
That I'd feel about you in three more years
And did you ever imagine the way it'd be
When I finally said that I'm sorry

Cause the ocean's so much clearer
On the other side of Florida
And the Atlantic's such a deep dark blue
That can cover what I've done to you

So don't say a word and no don't even touch me
'Cause one blink from your right eye
Sends shivers down my spine
And I can't explain the way you make me feel
Because it's still the same after all these years

Where no one else can make you happy
No one else but me
And no one else will hear your laughter
No one else but me...
And you
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