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In The Cards

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Well hey little woman I know about you
I know your lying and being untrue
It might be good and it might just suit ya
But if you carry on like that that you aint got no future

It’s in the cards
It’s in the cards
It’s in the cards plain right
No chance to fight its in the cards

Well I lay the cards out on the table of mine
Every time I do well I can see your lying
It makes me mad and it makes me blue
Well I’ll come round and put an end to you



It’s in the cards and I can read
I can see how you deceived
Run around all over town
When I catch you this time
I’m gonna put you down
It’s in the cards

3/well I started of being really sad
But now I don’t care Cos I’m just mad
I’ll catch up with you some day
And the only thing left for you to do is pray

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