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Fuck Like a Beast

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This worlds a boring place
If you let it get you down
To many sycophants
And sheep just stumbling round
Wheres all the power gone
Wheres all the balls
Whers all the crazy kats who used to fill our halls
Too much pop has killed the head
I Wont let it get me I’d rather be dead
(I wanna )

Fuck like a beast fight like an animal X4

Fuck all the discoteques
Fuck all the politics
Fuck them and theyre pretty pretty pretty sounds
I want some rock “n” rolll
The kind they love to hate
Not some kind of
Techno masterbate
I know your out there
Make some noise
Get pissed have some fun
Were special girls and boys


Theyre trying to bury us underground
My mouth is big enough I’ll make sure were found
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