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Knock knock baby here I come
I’ve been looking all around
For a little bit of fun
Got my eye on you cos you look so hot
Give it to me sugar give me everything you got
Come on come on now don’t be shy
You don’t wanna see this poor boy cry
don’t slow down honey keep up the heat
I’ll throw the whole damn world at your feet
I got something for you that cant be bought
This kind of loves just like a juggernaut

you know you want this
I can see it in your eyes
Move it over here let me show you paradise
I got it powered right up take a look there’s no doubt
Come on over here I’ll make you scream and shout
don’t waste time with any other boys
What’s the fucking use girlie their just toys
Dance for me baby shake it all around
Your hot enough to burn this place right down
I got some lessons you need to be taught
This kind of love is like a juggernaut

Thunder lightning rain comes down
Gonna chase you all over this town
Run if you like the roads to short
Roll right over you juggernaut

Bang bang baby you just hit me like a gun
Hell I knew this was gonna be fun
I was right on target your just my kind
I aint ever wrong I aint blind
The way you look and the way you act
Its revving me up that’s plain fact
Lets get it going lets get it on
My hearts beating way way faster then the ton
This damn thing just cant be fought
This kind of love is like a juggernaut
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