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To The Devil a Daughter

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My heart is Pumping pulse is raising
Bike is eating up the road
She’s pulling me real hard towards her
don’t know why just gotta go
The wind is up against me like a brick wall trying to break my neck

I see her in a blinding vision
Whether I close my eyes or not
Got me in some kind of spell
I used to know but I forgot
All I know is what she wants me to do

It seems like I should remember
But I cant
I got this half phased pictures
Running through my mind
On a slant
Her sweet sweet voice distracting me
I’m on fire
No other thoughts left in me
Just her desire

Every night she came to me
And danced around my head
Captivated totally
She dragged me from my bed
And I cant think of anything at all
Except what she wants me to do

In some strange way she’s chosen me
She’s got a lot of plans
Now I’m forced to speed towards her
Its way out of my hands
And every second I keep her waiting
She gives me pain {sweet sweet pain]

Somewhere floating round and round inside
Is the answer to this but it hides
I forgot (I forgot )to care about it now
Rev it up I’m smashing my way to her somehow

The devil has a daughter
I’m gonna know her name
She’s turned my soul to water
And wrapped my heart up in flames
The devil has a daughter
She’s calling me home tonight
I couldn’t have fought her
I’m going I’m going going going going going going home with out a fight

The devil has a daughter I’m gonna know her name
The devil got a daughter and I wont feel no shame

Faster faster thunderbird burn my baby burn
Now she’s gonna teach me everything I need to learn
And the gates are wide open I’m speeding straight inside
There she is waiting for me this is the end of the race
Smiling right behind her is the devils face
I aint gonna get away and I don’t think I really care
The devil has a daughter and now I know her name.
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