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Guns Of Love

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With Guns of love brought into battle
The nights will burn like never before
Pride will fall and foundations rattle
When guns of love put an end to war

I don't mean to say we should all surrender
I don't mean to say we shouldn't do our part
But when it comes time to choose our weapons
Tell me what's to keep us from reaching for the heart
You know how strong a little love can be
So try and imagine all the power you'll see


I don't understand why nothing changes
We take the same roads time and time again
We let it all ride on pride and vengeance
Knowing it's a game nobody's gona win
So bet all you're anger if that's what you choose
But nothing's gonna change, everybody's gonna lose


If we get another shot
We better try to aim a little higher (HIGHER)
It's gonna take a lot of thought
But we can't keep fighting
Fire with fire (WITH FIRE, WITH FIRE)

[Chorus x2]

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