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City of sin

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Lock down the city of sin
'Cause I - I can see that it's wearing thing
The devil's and angel's all gather around harmony
And with it's own evil it's tearing at the seams

Can't you hear us calling out your name
We need some guidance here today
There heroes that influenced us kids
They all suckered and left for the highest bid
For the highest bid

Stuck in this endless purgatory
We're caught in the jet-stream of life
And there's no way out or so it seams
But you haven't seen the light
Haven't seen it just yet
City of sin

Countdown ticking in the city you live
You're running like a sieve
And the devil's and angel's will both ask you which you'd rather be
And with your own self-hate your gonna tear right at the seams


They're no way out
No way out or so it seems
but we haven't seen the light
Haven't seen it just yet


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