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No Clue No Future

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Can’t you see we have no choice,
can’t you hear freedoms voice.
Can’t you tell were gonna be ourselves,
whether we have a choice or not [x2]
Won’t you see they silence your voice,
so punk rock is our only choice.
Won’t you see it’s about being yourself,
whatever fuckin choice you’ve got [x2]

Resting on a bench, slogans stained up on a fence.
I sit right here and wonder why nothing makes sense.
A busker on the street plays alone outside a store,
should I save my pennies and hand them to the poor.

No clue and no future - The only future is the one you make.
No warmth and no shelter - At this rate it won’t be that great.
No clue and no future - It’s up to you what you really want to do.
No warmth and no shelter for you.

Sitting on a corner of this road without a notion,
in a fucked up city I stand today, no reconciliation.
Hand some sense to the busker, it won’t cure animosity,
but in the end it’s what matters and it’s best for you and me


True no one can tell you who to be - Oh No
So no-one can ever grind you down - No Way
One simple answers all that’s left - This is all it takes
Two simple words will make it clear - FUCK YOU


There’s a future for you, there’s shelter for you [x4]
Yeah you can have a clue [x4]
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