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American love

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We were sixteen yeah
We were young
We had the world sittin
Right in front of us
We would take my car
And drive in to the dark
But we never would get to far
Cuz with my luck we probaly end up lost
I was a storm clould
Filled up with rain you
Were the sunlight creepin
Right in to my veins
But that you lit me up
And i never could act too tough
Cuz you'd accept my falls
I was illuminated by your love

ooohhh summer always shines like gold!
And winter never feels to cold
I'm thinking that we won't grow old!
Because we got each other now!
Love crazy love,crazy love!
the only kind I've ever known
Baby we wrote the book on
American American love
Love,love American love,love,love!
American love!

You know my bad traits
I know your dreams
You feed my energy emotion
When I sing
And all I'd ever need
Is a bit of your faith in me
to guide me trough the weaks of
My own mind
It gets so hard to see
A steady heart beat
Shares so sweet
You took my breath
And then Resussitated
We're growing up you say
But i think it's best to stay
So,childish in the ways of
Love and foolishly cuz life's a game
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