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Get Me An Exit

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Cold water for a straight jacket case
Just roll the cameras and I swear I'll be okay
Now 3, 2, 1, this is daily news and breaking
By a show of hands, who else in here is faking?

This is where it all went wrong
And the words you said were subtle
But enough to break the ice
This is a perfect way to end it
And I told you I was clever
But I think you'd be surprised

You've got a knack for finding red carpet thrills
And you've got the nerves but baby I've got the skills

Now listen up, get your elbows off the table
Keep your mouth wide shut, I've got something else to tell you

Here's your last chance to clap along with me
Here's the last part where the audience gets to sing

It's 5 to 1 if you were looking for a setup
By a show of hands, who else in here is fed up

Just tap your shoes now baby
And whisper,"There's no place like home"
We're not in Kansas anymore


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