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Do you want to finish or what

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If You're Down And You're Sick
And You Want Her Out Quick
But You Don't Know The Trick What To Do
She'll Be Laughing At You
If You Don't Have A Clue
Show That You Have Grew Up And Shout
We Are Through And Say

Do You Want To Finish Or What?
I've Just About Had My Lot
I Can't Take This From You
I'm Fed Up Now Because She Said
I Don't Know What To Do

You've Got To Be A Man
Kick Her Out While You Can
Get A Re-Moval Van Booked For Her
Tell Her To Take Her Stuff
It's Time Now To Be Tough
You've Had About Enough
And Don't Want To Suffer Any More

A Fortnight Is Long Ee-
Nough For Her To Agree
To Decide Just What She Wants To Do
If By Then She Does Not
You've Got To Start N Plot
Just Where When To Do And What,
How You're Gonna Get Shot Of Her
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