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Modern schools of motoring

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If You Hoo Hoo Want A Lesson Or Two
Take A Hint You'll Pay A Mint At
Modern School, Modern School
They Always Say You Are Doing Okay
It's Not True

Come On Everybody Sing Modern School Of Motoring
The Best Place To Go If You Want To Crash
You Will Never Pass Your Test
They Say You Will But It's A Jest
Modern School Just Wants Your Cash

Out On The Road, Don't Use The Highway Code
Not With Us It's Too Much Fuss At
Modern School, Modern School
Jump In And Drive You're Lucky To Be Alive
When It's Through

When The Test Day, Comes Around They Will Say
Just Stay Cool, That's The Rule Of
Modern School, Modern School
Then When You Fail, They Will Say Next Time You'll Sail
Right Through
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