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Alec is gone

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Out In The Courtyard, Cold & It's So Hard
Now Betty's Crying, She Wants To Die
Coz It's Over, Die, But She...

Knows That Her Grieving, It's Not Achieving
What Bet's Believing, He Will Return

Alec's Gone, Alec's Gone, Alec's Gone
Alec's Gone, Alec's Gone, Alec's Gone

Away Oo Oo Oo Gone Away Oo Oo Ooo

Down In The Rovers, Bet Can't Get Over
What He Said To Her, He Will Return

Alec's Gone...
He's Gone, Done A Bunk

Betty's Still Dreaming, Inside She's Screaming
Out For The Day That He Will Return

Alec's Gone
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