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Audreys alone at last

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It's A Tragedy But, When She Spied Alfie's Nut
Drooping Down On Top Of His Gut
She Could Not Believe It, Audrey's Sides Nearly Split
‘Twas This The End Of That Fat Wheezing Git? I Know

Audrey's Alone At Last
But There Ain't Any Doubt, Alfie Left Her Up The Spout
Audrey's Jaw Dropped When Martin Said
Audrey Audrey...Yer Get Nowt

Audrey Was Laughing When, Nicky, Gail, Martin Then
They Never Got Alf To Take Oxygen Again

Oxygen, That's When...

Audrey's Alone At Last
Audrey Audrey

There Ain't No Chance Chance Chance
Of Insurance, No Inheritance
Left In Debt, She Won't Forget, The Greedy Get Alfie

Audrey Audrey, Audrey Oi!

Yer Get Nowt
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