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He's A Trainspotter, He’s An Anorak
He's A Nerd, You've Heard The Word, A Dork, A Maniac
He's A Pratt, He’s A Geek, A Freak, He's One O' Those
Squarest Tossers In The Street, N' Everybody Knows

It's Dorkamania, He's Goininsania
I Never Met A Moron Who Is More Mundania
Dorkamania, He's gotta A Be Brainia
But What's He Gonna Do When He Gets There
Coz It's All Dorkamania

In Ornithology He’s Got A Ph.D.
He's A Master-Bater Taken To The 1st Degree
Grand World Class Chess Champions
The Wally Worships These
He's A Bore, I've Said Before, And We All Agree

It's... Dorkamania

He's Absurd, There Ain't A Bird I've Heard
That He Can Pull
They Say He's Fascinatin' Till They Date Him
Then They Hate Him
We've Never Met A Bloke So Dull

So The Silly Sod Gets Surfin' On The Internet
He’s Out To Find A Soulmate, He's Found Nobody Yet
Is There Anybody Out There, That Will Be My Pal?
I Don't Need A Nutter, Just Somebody Abnormal

It's Dorkamania
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