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Her with a hoover

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My Mates Warned Me Long Ago
She Will Make You Blue Oo Oo
They Said You've Been Had

Untidy Tart They Told Me So
The Home That I Once Knew Oo Oo
Was A Filthy Floozy’s Pad

One More, Two More
Fleas On The Bedroom Floor
No Ones Ever Seen Her, With A Vacuum Cleaner
Three More, Four More
Mice Unite At The Kitchen Door
It Weren’t No Rotten Rumor
He Could Never Move Her
And I Never Saw Her With A Hoover

I'd Fell For A Hag From Hell
She Weren’t The One To Woo Oo Oo
In My New Hovel

One More

She's Nicked Off, I'm In A Spin
The First Thing I Shall Do Oo Oo
Is Plug The Hoover In

One More
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