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I have had enough o magaluf

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T Was Only Yesterday That We Arrived In Palma
Ever Since Then Our Love Life Has Been A Farce
Pursued And Wooed By That
Sun Tanned Majorca Charmer
Now She Thinks The Sun Shines
Out His Spanish Arse

Of Course I Knew That Somebody Was
Bound To Meet Her
But Tell Me Why Did She Have To Pick Charles Atlas
Is It Just Because Coz He Calls Her Senorita
Or Did The Bastard Teach Her Gracias?

I've Had Enough, I've Had Enough O' Magaluf
I've Had Enough Ooo Me Too
I Know, I Know
To Stick Around, To Stick Around To Stick Around
Would Make Me Blue
Too Blue
I've Had Enough O' Magaluf, Enough O' Magaluf And You Aaoo

Now Everytime He Walked By The Swimming Pool
She Stared At Me And Said Why Can't I Look Like That
Oh What A Sucker, A Skinny Fool,
As She Sat Pining For That Spanish Prat

Morning Night And Afternoon
She'd Nick Off Down The Blue Lagoon
She Was With That Bronze Baboon Again

Now I Could See Them Neckin' On From The Balcony
I've Been A Mug, I Might O' Known, The Scheming Skunks
There’s Nothing Goin' On She's Conned Me
Coz She Had Her Hands Inside His Swimmin' Trunks
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