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My baby is a battleaxe

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I Gets Me A Night Cap
She Says Gee, I Feel Crap
I Shouts Oi! Whats Up?
Ya Stink, I Think Yer Drinkin Too Much
She's Gone, Yippee
I Turn On, The Tv
But There's A Snag, Coz She's A Bag
She's Back To Nag & Torment Me

Iddlely Aye Ay, Iddley Aye Oh
She Makes Me Cringe, She Makes Me Scream
Iddeley Aye Oh, Iddley Aye Ay
How Comes My Missus Is So Mean
She's Obscene

She Says Get, Yer Hair Cut
She Won’t Let Me Have A Hairy Nut
Complains, About Nowt
No Brain, Insane She’s A Strain A Pain
I Could Do Without, Without

Distressed, I Feel Blue
You've Guessed
It's All Down To You
My Baby Is A Battleaxe
And Now There's Nothin' I Can Do
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