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Park lane punch up

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Oh Sittin In The Taxi Rank In Park Lane
In Comes A Trendy Geezer With No Brain
And Staring At A Punk Who Was A Good Mate
I Said Let’s Make A Move But It Was Too Late

Up Goes A Shout, A Rumble In The Crowd
A Fight Breaks Out, Someone Starts Clouting Me
Call In The Army Oooh
Call In The Army
Call In The Army Oooh
Call In The Army

The Park Lane Punch Up Escalates
Somebody's Teeth Have Gone
It's Too Much For The Coppers
There's A Riot Going On, So
Call In The Army, Call In The Army

Park Lane Quickly Turns Into A Bloodbath
A Disco Boy Lies Unconscious On The Red Path
Coppers Helmets Knocked Off In The Gutter
All Because One Trendy Towny Nutter
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