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Ill get even with Steven

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[I'll get even with Steven (Steve is tender)]

Steve Is Tender Steve Is Sweet
She'll Never Let Him Go
Steven Made Her Life Complete
That's Why I Hate Him So

Would She Ever Really Understand
I Came To Durham All The Way From Sunderland
When I Got There I Could Not Believe
She'd Gone With That Trendy Creep Called Steve

How Could She Forsake Me And See This Puff
Is It Coz Of Me She's Had Enough
Everytime I Rang She Was Not There
I'm Sorry But She's Out, She's Out With Steve Again Somewhere

She's In Love With Steven, Steven
Gonna Get Even, Gonna Get Steven
Then She Won't Love Steven, Steven
Gonna Get Eve, Gonna Get Steve

Are She And Steve Really In Love Like She Says They Are
Or Is It Just Because Steven's Dad Lends Him The Car
Or Is It Coz I'm Ugly And Steven's Not
Or Does He Have Something That I Haven't Got

I'm Gonna Make Him Black & Blue
I'm Gonna Kick His Head In
He Won't Know What To Do
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