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Please release me

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[Please release me (darling I loathe you) - cover]


When I Met You, I Thought How Sweet
My Lonely Life Would Now Be Complete
If Only I Knew, Have I No Brain?
You're A Two Faced Tramp, Driving Me Insane

Dearest Darling, I Leave This Note For You
A Love Letter With Sincerity
Dearest Darling, I Leave This Note For You
Get Out O' My Life, Get Out O' My Life
Coz I...Loathe You

You Smiled At Me, She Smiled At Him
My Heart Melted, His Heart Melted
This Was The Real Thing, This Was The Real Thing
I'm Besotted, He's Besotted
What A Nincompoop, You're The Devil In A Frock
I'm A Naive Nugget, And You Made Me A Laughing Stock
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