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The psychosurgery

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I'd Have A Hysterectomy, I'd Have A Blood Transfusion
I'd Even Have A Vasectomy, With No Trousers On
Spend A Month In The Infirmary, Operate On Me Night & Day
But My Dentures Disappear Everytime I Hear Them Say
Psycho, Psychosurgery

Let Me Out, Let Me Out
Dumped In The Dentists Chair
Psyiiicho Surgery, Psiiicho Surgery
Let Me Out, Let Me Out
I'm In Agony, I Must Be Dumb, I Should'na Come
To The Psychosurger, Psychosurgery

I'd Have A Leg Amputated, You Can Pull My Appendix Out
Fix A Foot That's Dislocated, I'll Say I Felt Nowt
Acupuncture Ain't No Problem, Bravery's My Middle Name
But I Just Can't Face That Fang Filling Place Again
Psycho, Psychosurgery

I'll Never Set Foot Down That Dental Nutters Lane...Again
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