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If you have faith.
If you have faith in what you claim to believe you know it's your own path.
Brainwashing, brainwashing.
Your identity, what's it about?
What's it about?
Go on and close your eyes, accept what's unacceptable.
The torch was list by those who seek enlightenment not power trips.
Crucifier, don't tread on me.
Crucifier, go on and eat me!
What pains me the most and enraged me the most is the genuine, arrogant confidence.
Note your brains is so damp that fish could have swam, brainwashing your camp.
Brainwashing, brainwashing, brainwashing you!
Yet so hungry and angry.
Such a feeble attempt to break me.
Break me!
I'm calling you out so eat me.
Eat me, belly!
Crucifier, I'll be the one with a thorn in my side now come on!
Eat me!
True to my word and my identity.
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