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Genuine Sense Of Outrage

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I will pen this for the last time and I'm writing it in blood this time on the highest wall for all to see.
Have we lost our humanity?
Searching for a witness.
Can I get a witness to bring this juggernaut to justice.
Does our blood not boil?
Do our hearts not burn?
Outrage, outlive, outlast?
We're all stuck with a heavy load on our backs down this winding and narrowing road with no hope to show.
As the sun sets our veins turn cold.
What can we do with this heavy load?
We must try and fight!
We're losing our souls...our souls.
Very few feel the impact.
Now in fact the facts are all fleeting.
Now the few contract for fortunes while the rest are left to die.
So please I beg you, listen to me.
I tell you this is more than words on a page.
This is my genuine sense of outrage!
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