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As the World Bleeds

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Why do we only call Your name when there’s no one else to call?
And we only really seek You when our mighty towers fall
Why do we say You’ve failed us and You’ve turned Your eyes away
When we’re only sleeping in the bed we made?

Why do we call for free will, but reject all consequence?
Why’s the path we’ve made to Heaven stained with the blood of innocence?
Why’d we ignore the warnings that we’ve read and always known
And get angry when we reap the things we’ve sown?

So we blame You
‘Cause our world’s not come out right
While the devil’s masquerading
As an angel of the light
Just imagine
All the pride and all the nerve
To ask where You’ve been, when we’re the ones we serve

It’s not a mystery, it’s been foretold
But we ignored the warning bell so long ago
There’s a way that seems right unto men, but we’ll die with the wages of sin

As the world lies bleeding
The giant is no longer sleeping
Poisoned harvest reaping
Blindly we just carry on, but the glory is gone

We live our lives like we could care less what You have to say
Then curse the skies when You don’t come clean up the ugly mess we’ve made
But You gave us a choice and we made it and dug ourselves into a hole
We always thought we knew the way despite the things You said
We just ignored the pile of bodies and the bloodstains on the bed
Painting ourselves right into a corner as life spiraled out of control

As the world lies bleeding
The giant is no longer sleeping
All we’ve sown now reaping
Blindly we just carry on, but the glory is gone

See us – Our promised land of milk and honey
Became a land of filth and money
Like Babylon and Rome before
A land of greed and sin and guilt, a stained and scarlet whore
See us – Living in our ivory towers
Self-appointed kings with no power
Built a monument to man
We’re passing down empty decrees like a disease across the land

This is the system we’ve created
This is the world so devastated
This is what it looks like when mankind asks You to just leave us alone
This is the monster now awakened
This is our legacy creation
This is the place we end up when we say that we can do this on our own

This is our masterpiece: corruption
This is our monument: destruction
Game point of life and death, the nadir of existence painted black
This is the road to Hell we’ve wandered
This is inheritance we’ve squandered
So raise a glass to all we’ve lost and wonder if we’ll ever get it back

Nations calling “Our will be done, mankind answers to no one”
But now it has begun – In death, our sin hath borne a son

Please forgive us for we’ve only made it worse
Even after You had warned us
Sin would only bring a curse
Guess we knew better so we went a different way
Now we’re only sleeping in the bed we made

All the glory and the power left this place
When we turned our backs upon You
And chose to live in our disgrace
But You warned us
And You let us have our way
Now we’re only drowning in the mess we made

Blood on our hands
Blood on our hands
Blood on our hands
Blood on our hands
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