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Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death
I will not fear
Yea, though I breathe heavy
struggle in every breath
I will draw near

[II. Passage Through The Valley]

I have broken bread with evil unaware
I have sat down to dine with the road to hell
I have walked hand-in-hand with deception and greed
And I have lived to tell

Sometimes I feel like a puppet of "fate"
And struggle to sever the strings
Sometimes my soul tries to fly away
But collapses under broken wings
The modern-day Judas has planted the kiss
The chameleon has changed once again
Open the gates of betrayal
Plant the knife in my back, my "friend"

Why must another day sown reap with confusion?
Why must I sleep wrapped in blankets of pain?
Trying to win with the cards I've been dealt
But without eyes of faith there can be nothing gained
The thorn in my flesh, the scars of myself
The dance with deception, the death of my pride
Confusion of life, tasting the knife inside

The hand of "fate" has wrapped its freezing fingers around me
And squeezed until the life dripped from my soul
And broken strings disrupt cohesion of my symphony
But my eyes watch the Conductor in control

I wait for an answer
I search for a sign
I pray for the healing of time
I look for a reason
To bring peace of mind
But once more, no reason I find
Father, hear my cry

Spirits swarm around me: I feel it
They war against the one who dwells inside
Fate does not exist, I know it in my soul,
And strife to have that same faith in my mind
Tonight I sleep upon a bed of nails it seems
For once again I am a field of war
But it has long been written,
all things work together perfectly for me
For I have been reborn

The hand of God has wrapped
protective fingers around me
To guard me from a self-defeating way
The Spirit brings discernment so I need no eyes to see
I realize my loss is gain today

I wait for an answer
I search for a sign
I pray for the healing of time
I can't fathom the reasons
With this mortal mind
So I step out in faith after closing my eyes
Father, hear my cry

[III. Ascent Unto The Mountain]

Visions of a child, visions of a life I behold
Visions that I can't purge from my mind
Visions in the night, dreams of second sight I behold
Dreams of supernatural warning signs?
The issues of man, the fabric of time
All weave in cohesion, exist interwined
Divine orchestration, flawless grand design

Beyond comprehension,beyond mortal minds
Methodically, flawlessly restructuring my life
Supernaturally changing me, surgically precise
Father of glory, the only help I see
Reach down your hands to me
Set me free
Father of mercy, please take this hex from me
For yes I do believe
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