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T and C

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In my head everything was perfect
and every note resounds in harmony
all I seem to offer up are discords
and every note I sing sounds out of key
and every time I play with passion
I start breaking strings
and my voice cracks
when I sing from my heart
guess that's the price
I've got to pay to know that I'm alive
this melody is tearing me apart

So now what do I have to show
and what price do I have to pay
But like a saiyan I won't grow
unless I'm battered in the fray
'Cause we're all in the same machine
each one with his own broken dreams
passion gives way to failure
so let's all try and understand
you take my hand and I'll take yours
you take my hand and I'll take yours
take my hand and I'll take yours
let our passion bleed
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